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IP Investigation in Jordan

Welcome to Jordan intellectual property rights investigators, we are proud service providers of IP Investigation Services in Jordan. At Jordan IP Rights investigators our team is well equipped and trained to handle counterfeiting/infringement matters and well experienced to trace the main supply chain. We offers a range of IP Rights Services such as: Intellectual Property Due Diligence, Anti-Counterfeiting Investigation, Trademark Design & Patent Infringement Investigations, Copyright Violation Issues, Parallel Trade Investigations, Grey Market Investigations, Competition Analysis, Geographic Indication Mark Investigations and much more.

IP investigation in Jordan are usually taken up by the brand holders to protect the exclusive rights owned or made by the innovator. The trademark, copyright and patents of the products and services fall in the same category which need due monitoring and observation to check on any kind of exploitation on these entities. Our Intellectual Property Investigation in Jordan have got the ability and proficiency to discover infringed products and services and proceed for right enforcement steps to eliminate the risks. Our IPR investigation services in Jordan with its recognized practices to evolve all possibilities to have the best assurance for the security of the leading brands.

Our IP Rights Investigation Services in Jordan as follows:

  • Intellectual Property Due Diligence in Jordan
  • Anti-Counterfeiting Investigation in Jordan
  • Trademark, Design & Patent Infringement Investigation in Jordan
  • Trademark/Copyright Watch Notice Services in Jordan
  • Copyright Violation Issues in Jordan
  • Parallel Trade Investigation in Jordan
  • Grey Market Investigation in Jordan
  • Branding Competition Analysis in Jordan
  • Trademark & Domain Acquisition in Jordan
  • Geographical Indication Mark Investigation in Jordan
  • Counterfeited Automobile/Spare Parts & Pharmaceutical Drugs Investigation in Jordan
  • IP Enforcement Action in Jordan
  • IP Litigation Support in Jordan
  • Sample/Test Purchase in Jordan
  • Brand/Trademark Reputation Analysis in Jordan

Our team of IP Investigators in Jordan is well trained in the same profession and can immediately notice the intimidation of the original goods. Mainly, we start our investigation from identifying the fake or infringed products and then to trace the supply chain. In fact in many cases, we had tracked infringed goods from customs and we also provide custom protection services. We are of full support to our clients and this is what we are known for in Jordan. We are working 24x7 to protect brands of our clients by keeping an eye on all of the market, looking for the infringed products or services.

Your company’s assets such as; copyrights, patents, design, trademarks are crucial part and are very necessary for your company, at Jordan intellectual property investigations we completely understand the importance of these intangible assets of your company. We make sure that no one misuses them in the market and gain profit by using them to sell their own products.

We undertake all matters related to intellectual property rights in Jordan from IP Rights Investigations to IP Rights Online Brand Monitoring Services. Being established and experienced, we have a defined strategy based on professional research and conceptual vision. We are specialized in making good use intellectual property investigation service in Jordan and use trademark watch notice services in Jordan to ensure brand owners understand the complete picture of brand abuse, so that necessary actions could be taken on the infringers.

Want to know how to protect intellectual property in Jordan, kindly contact us on for your requirement respectively.

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